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    If Beyoncé Songs Were About Christmas

    Santa hurry down the chimney, please.


    Santa hurry down the chimney, please

    Lemme see the presents that you got for me

    Waited 25 days to get all this stuff

    And all of these presents just ain't enough

    Now my living room's a mess, gift wrap on the floor

    Where my other presents, I want some more

    Waited 25 days to get all this stuff

    And all of these presents just ain't enough

    "Drunk In Love"

    It's Christmastime

    And everything alright

    No complaints for my cookies, out the oven, warm and just right

    Boy I'm bakin'

    All kinds of Christmas pies and cakes

    We grubbin' on em, grub-grubbin'

    If you full, toss your plate

    Lights are blinkin'

    All over town

    Waitin' for Santa to come around

    Kids playin out in the snow

    My baby under the mistletoe

    This evenin'

    I'm sangin' "Silent Night" til my voice hoarse

    Then I hurry home to play

    All my favorite Christmas records




    It's Christmas Eve and I'm readyyy

    To open all my gifts

    I don't have a lot of patience

    So hurry fast, don't take it slow

    Santa Claaaaaus

    Is packing up his sleigh

    And I just can't wait til tomorrow

    So tonight

    I'm too eager to sleep

    Stayin' up until the mornin' light

    I'm waiting for Santaaaaa


    Me & my boo & my boo yuletidin'

    All up in the snow with his chick right beside him

    People singin' "Jingle Bells," sendin' warm wishes

    Season's greetings, girl, have a Merry Christmas!


    You wake up (Christmas)

    Get up (Christmas)

    Run and go see (Christmas)

    What's under the tree (Christmas)

    These presents (Christmas)

    These presents (Christmas)

    I got (Christmas)

    A lot (Christmas)

    Look at all these gifts

    Look at all these gifts


    "Déjà Vu "

    Boy I'm waiting for you underneath the mistletoe

    Come and let me love you in this wonderland of snow

    Baby come help me trim the tree

    The weather outside is blustery

    Boy can you hear it in the air

    Baby I swear it's jingle bells

    "Upgrade U"

    There wasn't any room at the Inn (On His birthday)

    They had him in a barn and swaddled him (On His birthday)

    And then came the Three Wise Men (On His birthday)

    His first day on earth day, belieeeeve me

    He was born in a manger

    Mary's first baby

    Laid him right down in the hay in

    A manger

    He was born in a, born in a manger

    (He was born in a maaaaangeeeeer)


    See me up in the church with 50 lemn saints

    Sendin' up some praise for Jesus' birthday

    It's Christmas Eve and I'm in here with my fam

    Learning all about that day back in Bethlehem

    And everybody here makes a heavenly sound

    Singin' and shoutin', praise by the pound

    I'm sure you made Mary and Joseph proud

    Jesus, have a happy birthday


    I kiss you and give you your gift

    (I kiss you and give you your gift)

    You like it wrapped and so do I

    (You like it wrapped and so do I)

    There's no better time of year

    (There's no better time of year)

    Not Halloween or Valentine's

    Leave some cookies out for Santa

    (Leave some cookies out for Santa)

    Not an apple or banana

    (Not an apple or banana)

    On the roof with reindeer tapping

    (On the roof with reindeer tapping)

    Listen, you can hear him laughing

    Ho, ho, hooooo

    "Get Me Bodied"

    Mission 1: I'ma put this on

    Get the record player goin' with some Christmas songs, hey!

    Mission 2: Gotta make these calls

    Invitin' all my favorite people over to my home, hey!

    Mission 3: Gotta wrap these gifts

    Like I do it every year, I'ma do it again, hey!

    Mission 4: Put a wreath on the door

    Let everybody know what they came here for

    I ain't worried, doin' me tonight

    A little tinsel never hurt nobody

    Get these lights up on the wall

    I'm gettin' ready for a Christmas party

    Christmas party, Christmas party

    Christmas party, Christmas party

    Won't you come to my Christmas party

    Come on over to my Christmas party