Kerry Washington Will Be The 9th Black Woman To Host “SNL.” Ever.

Gladiatooooooors! Mount up!

Great news, Gladiators! Kerry Washington is slated to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 2!

And it’s well deserved. Kerry’s been kicking butt, and this season of Scandal debuted with its biggest audience yet.

Kerry will be ninth black woman to host SNL out of its 39 seasons. That’s 751 shows, total.

Curious as to who the others were? Here they go!

1. Cicely Tyson, 1979

NBC / Via hulu.com

This opening monologue was really great, and apropos: Garret Morris appeared dressed as Cicely Tyson, and when questioned about it, explained that when he heard Tyson was going to be on the show, he assumed it was a role for him due to the “Token Minority Window-Dressing Act of 1978.”

2. Oprah Winfrey, 1986

NBC / Via hulu.com

3. Halle Berry, 2003

NBC / Via hulu.com

4. Queen Latifah, 2003

NBC / Via hulu.com

5. Janet Jackson, 2004

NBC / Via hulu.com

Queen Latifah again, 2004

NBC / Via hulu.com

6. Rosario Dawson, 2009

NBC / Via hulu.com

7. Gabourey Sidibe, 2010

NBC / Via hulu.com

8. Maya Rudolph, 2012

NBC / Via hulu.com

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