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How To Get Your First Brazilian Wax

Get a Brazilian, they said. It's not so bad, they said.

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1. Do your research!


What kind of wax do you want? Hard wax? Soft wax? Bikini? Brazilian? All gone? Landing strip? Study up! Don't hand over your vagina without also giving proper instructions! (Both in the spa and beyond, if you know what I mean.)

2. Take a friend with you. / Via

You don't have to have your friend hold your hand while you're busting it open on the spa table, but take a travel buddy — you'll need someone to talk you out of turning around and going home on the way.

4. Say hello to the person soon to be all up in your business.


It might (read: definitely will) be a bit awkward to have somebody all in your stuff without so much as buying you a drink first. Just try to make the best of it.

6. Try to relax.


Do not focus on the waves of white hot pain soon to be emanating from your mons veneris as your pubic hair is ripped out at the follicle. Ask your esthetician what he or she is having for dinner or something.

7. Keep trying to relax while hot wax is smeared all over your vulva.



16. It's finally over! Open your eyes and take a peek!


Once you're done, your esthetician, who now knows you on a biblical level, will hand you a mirror so you can check out your newly shined sugar bowl.

19. Realize that, hey, this is kind of nice. This is really nice.


Once your skin is all soothed and considerably happier, get into how smooth and pretty everything is and try not to keep your hand in your pants all day.

Or, keep your hands in your pants all day. Your body, your business.

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