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    21 Times Vine Told The Truth About Church


    1. When your granny wants you to be more involved in church but you still want to hold on to your worldly ways:

    2. When someone in the choir decides it's time to be Beyoncé during a solo:

    3. When the person sitting next to you catches the holy ghost:

    4. When you go straight from the club on Saturday to the sanctuary on Sunday:

    5. When you realize your preacher still dreams of being an R&B singer:

    6. When the preacher challenges you to turn up the praise:

    7. When you're at a new church and it's time for the visitors to stand:

    8. When the pastor says "Let whatever is in your heart out!" and yours happens to be full of a Ja Rule video:

    9. When the church usher blows up your spot:

    10. When you accidentally bring the street into the sanctuary:

    11. When the dancers do the complete and utter most:

    12. And the choir director does too:

    13. When you learn the latest dance move from the choir:

    14. When you think you can act up because your mom is singing in the choir but you have to think again:

    15. When the pastor asks someone to read a Bible verse for him but he keeps interrupting:

    16. When you know the pastor's getting to the good part of the sermon because he starts stuttering:

    17. When Sister Wanda gets the "this sermon is TOO good" stank face:

    18. When you're ready to go but somebody in the congregation yells "Keep preachin', preacher!"

    19. When you catch Sister Betty and Sister Cathy poppin' off after morning service:

    20. When you leave church and instantly become a different person:

    21. And when you're on your way home and you realize your aunt listens to Drake Monday through Saturday:

    BONUS: When Deacon Taylor checks in on Siri: