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41 Vines You Couldn't Stop Watching In 2014

The best six-second videos of 2014, all in one place.

1. This cute attempt at friendship:

2. This sneezing chicken:

3. This turnt day at school:

4. This hungry cat:

5. This...whatever is happening here:

6. This beatboxing baby:

7. This shout-out heard round the world:

8. This self-esteem-crushing fish:

9. This canine screaming contest:

10. This presidential address:

11. This real-life video game:

12. This drunk baby:

13. All these chickens:

14. This glorious shmoney from Howard University:

15. This history lesson:

16. This beautiful friendship:

17. This dropping of the beat:

18. This gospel rendition:

19. This extra-turnt meal:

20. The most ridiculously adorable child on the planet:

21. This tiptoeing thief:

22. This remix:

23. This false alarm:

24. This hater-proof kid:

25. This hit R&B song:

26. This impromptu dance party:

27. This accurate portrait of you:

28. This dog who won't do it for the Vine:

29. This celebratory song:

30. This potato's maiden voyage:

31. This impression of all emo songs:

32. This flawless little girl:

33. This auntie getting her LIFE:

34. This shmoney-industrial dance hybrid:

35. The Vine that started it all:

36. This perfect response:

37. This patron saint of Gratata:

38. This bouncing bundle of joy:

39. These kid's surprise dance partner:

40. This miniature Drake:

41. And this girl who changed the internet: