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Details Of Avonté Oquendo's Last Moments In School Emerge

A report reveals distracted guards, doors left open, and a 16-minute gap between the time that the autistic teenager was last seen and the moment an attendant noticed him missing. "Please make sure you keep an eye out, he likes to run," Avonté's mother had asked.

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Richard Condon, special commissioner of investigation for the New York City School District, issued a report Thursday detailing Avonté Oquendo's final moments in the Long Island City, Queens, school that he ran away from on Oct. 4, 2013.

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A massive search effort to find the severely autistic 14-year-old began in October 2013 and lasted until Jan. 21, 2014, when Avonté's remains were found on a beach in Queens.

The report reveals that a warning issued by Avonté's mother, one warning of his propensity to run off, was never passed on to school administrators. As such, he didn't have the continuous one-on-one attention deemed necessary.

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Avonté's mother, Vanessa Fontaine, specified that he needed constant supervision in a survey sent home to her by Avonté's teacher.

The staff of Riverview School, where Avonté was a student, appears to have been distracted the day the teen went missing.

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When Avonté disappeared, his class was being escorted to the technology room by three individuals, two of whom had to pause to deal with "unruly" and "fairly aggressive" students. Avonté ran out a past a security guard, who saw him but wasn't allowed to leave his/her post unattended. The third adult escorting Avonté's class did not notice the boy was missing until arriving at the technology room, 16 minutes later.

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