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    May 28, 2015

    13 Cartoon Song Remixes You Need In Your Life

    A trap remix of the Barney theme song? Yes, please!

    1. Thanks to Vine, we all know about the Little Einsteins remix.

    There are tons of Vines that use this song.

    2. But what 'chu know about the "I'm The Map" remix from Dora The Explorer?

    3. Or the Pinky And The Brain remix?

    4. Or the remix to Caillou?

    5. This Barney trap remix goes especially hard.

    6. So does this Jersey club mix of the Backyardigans theme.

    7. Chance the Rapper did an amazing job flipping the Arthur theme song.

    8. Wii would have moved so many more units if they used this version of the Mii Plaza song.

    9. When it's a sunny day in the trap, this Sesame Street remix is exactly what you need.

    10. M-I-C, K-E-Y, T-U-R-N-T.

    11. Spongebob's "Best Day Ever" goes much harder over this beat.

    12. Can't you just see DeeDee dropping it low to this Dexter's Laboratory remix?

    13. And this isn't technically a song remix, but a remix of a hilarious 'Magic School Bus clip uploaded on to YouTube.

    Turn up!

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