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    44 Amazing Uses For Male Tears

    They're one of the most bountiful, versatile resources in the world.

    1. Tooth whitener

    2. Eye shadow primer

    3. A rinse for shiny, bouncy hair

    4. Cleaning and maintaining armor and iron weapons

    5. Exfoliating facial mask

    6. Pork marinade

    7. Industrial lubricant

    8. Personal lubricant

    9. Ink when you're out of the blood of your enemies

    10. Glass cleaner

    11. A soothing soak for sore joints and muscles

    12. Removing set-in stains

    13. A brine for scrumptious homemade pickles

    14. A brine for your Thanksgiving turkey

    15. A brine for the beating heart of your foes

    16. Anti-wrinkle cream

    17. Sunscreen

    18. Martinis

    19. Burn relief

    20. Eczema relief

    21. Responsibility for a man's feelings relief

    22. Nail polish topcoat

    23. Cleaning pots and pans

    24. Loosening tightly closed jars

    25. Shining hubcaps

    26. Insect repellant

    27. Tattoo ink

    28. Cooking spray

    29. Alternative clean fuel source

    30. Clean cloudy car headlights

    31. Contact lens solution

    32. Delicious frozen summer treats

    33. Various potions and magical elixirs

    34. Poison

    35. Poison antidote

    36. Brighten yellow nail beds

    37. Invigorating foot soak

    38. Use in place of water to make perfect sticky rice

    39. Use in place of water to bathe

    40. Use in place of water to baptize your baby girls and fortify them for a lifetime of war against patriarchy

    41. Under eye brightener

    42. Removal of corns and callouses

    43. Antacid

    44. A toast to matriarchy

    Drink up!

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