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The Guy Singing With Beyoncé In This Viral Vine Tells The Real Story

Update: The guy in the video speaks out, saying that he'd never tell Beyoncé she couldn't sing. What actually happened was adorable.

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Update — Sept. 14, 8:58 p.m. ET: Faybeyon Robinson, the guy in a viral video taken at a Beyoncé concert, has reached out to BuzzFeed to give the real deal on the Vine.

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The Vine clip alleged that the guy held up a sign that said "You can't sing," but the full video shows otherwise.

In the full video (starting around 3:08), Beyoncé does an amazing run, then has an audience member repeat it. When he gives it his best, Bey says he got it "exactly," which has to be an amazing thing to hear from your idol.

"I paid $1,500 for those seats," Robinson said, "and would never say such a thing."

In fact, Robinson shared this AMAZING picture of his duet on his Instagram page just two weeks ago.

"In honor of #beyday. Had to bring this one back out. #tbt"


This Vine, currently going viral, alleges that that's exactly what happened at one of her shows.