Are You A Product Junkie?

"Yes, I understand that my phone bill is due, but there's a Shea Moisture sale this week."

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  1. 1. Check all that apply:

    You own more than 5 different kinds of hair products.
    You own more than 10 different kinds hair products.
    You own more than 5 of the same kind of hair product (i.e. 5 different deep conditioners, 5 different shampoos, etc.).
    You own more than 10 of the same kind of hair product.
    You genuinely have no idea how many hair products you own.
    You've run out of space in your bathroom to store all your hair products.
    And they're currently taking over your bedroom.
    And you just might have to clear out a cupboard in your kitchen pretty soon.
    When someone asks you what you use in your hair, you really can't remember.
    And when you have a great hair day, you know you can't replicate it because you can't remember what combination of products you used.
    It's gotten so bad that you actually have to write down what you used.
    You keep products around just because they smell good, not because they do anything.
    You've never actually had an empty container because you're on to the next product before the first one is gone.
    You refuse to throw anything away because even though you have thousands of other products, you may want to use this one one day.
    Or you'd at least rather give it to someone because it's a shame to waste good hair stuff.
    You've attended product swaps.
    You've left those product swaps with more products than you had before you went.
    You have a blog or YouTube channel that you use to regularly review products.
    You tweet so much about your favorite products that the companies have actually sent you free stuff.
    You're on the email list for all your favorite lines.
    And getting a coupon code in your inbox feels EXACTLY like Christmas.
    You always have to get the newest items when they're announced.
    You buy your favorite products whenever they're on sale, whether you need them or not.
    You've even bought products that you know you don't love because they were on sale.
    You keep products that you don't like so you can try them later, JUST IN CASE your hair decides to love them one day.
    You've had to choose between buying new hair products and some necessity like paying a bill or buying food.
    And you chose hair products.
    You've added a hair product allotment into your monthly budget.
    You absolutely LIVE for Walgreen's Shea Moisture buy one get one free sales.
    And Target selling natural hair products was the best thing that ever happened to you.
    Wash day takes forever partly because you can't decide what to put in your hair.
    You've watched hours of YouTube tutorials to see what other people are using.
    And when you found out, you went out and bought them immediately.
    Your Instagram feed is mostly pictures of new products.
    So are your TwitPics.
    You follow tons of natural hair blogs on Tumblr to see what people are using.
    You're constantly getting deliveries of new products in the mail.
    You've called our of work so that you can be at home to try them as soon as they get there.
    You wash your hair more often than you need to because you just can't wait to try the new thing you got.
    You and your friends get together to discuss your latest hair product discoveries.
    The only gifts you get for special occasions are hair products or gift certificates for hair products.
    And you're perfectly OK with that.
    Everyone comes to you for hair product recommendations.
    And sometimes you recommend things without being asked.
    You've made your own hair products.
    You've got more hair product ingredients in your kitchen (coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, etc.) than you do actual food.
    Someone in your family accidentally tasted one of your hair concoctions because it was in the fridge and looked like food.
    You'd actually like to start your own line of natural hair products.
    But you can't because ALL your spare change goes to buying new products.
    You know that this will be your life until you find that Holy Grail product, which you are in constant search of.
    But you don't mind, because you're having a ball looking for it.

Are You A Product Junkie?

You are NOT a product junkie. For some reason you prefer to keep your hair care simple and affordable. Step it up! Or don't. It's your hair and I respect your choices in management.

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You are a mid-level product junkie. You make the occasional irrational decision, but by and large, you still put things like food and familial responsibility above the newest deep conditioner. Keep it up, though, and you'll be swimming in bottles and jars in no time.

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You are a DEFINITE product junkie. You own enough jars and bottles and tubes of things that you can backstroke through them all like Uncle Scrooge. You're probably buried underneath a pile of curl-defining creams this very moment. Seek help!

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