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24 Life-Giving Vines To Start Your Day Off Right

Let these vines adorn you.

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1. This ray of sunshine in this dark world.

2. This unamusement park anthem.

3. This hard grooving young man.

4. Sam Smith's self-appointed hype man.

5. This very rare miracle.

6. This shmoney for the Lord.

7. This adorable girl who can get away with anything.

8. The Great Popeyes Tragedy of 2014.

9. This inconvenient truth.

10. This athletic opera.

11. This super turnt funeral.

12. This pop-up dance party.

13. This messenger spreading the good news.

14. This prepping-to-go-out mantra.

15. That one friend.

16. This raucous listening session.

17. These kids handing you your whole entire life.

18. Everybody's uncle.

19. This thing that you thought.

20. This baby learning that Beyoncé is happiness.

21. This unfortunate mispronounciation.

22. This smooth operator.

23. Every emo band dude ever.

24. And the most adorable, horrible thief ever.

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