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Can You Pass A Year 12 Business Studies Exam?

if you can pass this u da bomb

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  1. What is the accounting equation

    assets-liabilities=owners equity
    assets+owners equity=liabilities
    assets=liabilities+owners equity
    assets+liabilities=owners equity
  2. What is the main reason for a business using penetration pricing?

    to maximise profit per unit
    to gain short-term market share
    to develop a reputation for quality
    to take advantage of a lack of competition
  3. a business uses factoring to pay creditors, which financial objective is the business trying to achieve?

  4. what are the 4Vs

    variety, vacancies, visibility, volume
    variety, volume, variation, viability
    variety, volume, visibility, variation in demand
    viral, vibes, velocity, virgin
  5. what is cost leadership?

    aiming to have the lowest costs or to be the most price-competitive in the market
    lower the costs of producing each individual unit
    saving money
    cost savings and increased efficiency that occurs when a company increases the size of its operations
  6. what is negotiation?

    Confidential discussion of issues in non-threatening environment – in presence of neutral, objective 3rd party
    discussion between parties result in a compromise and an agreement
    involving courts and tribunals
  7. What are 2 examples of overt industrial actions?

    Strike, absenteeism
    sabotage, strike
    picket, work to rule
    staff turnover, lockout
  8. What is found on the income statement?

    assets and liabilities
    sales, cost of goods
    owners equity and assets
    gross profit and mortgage
  9. what is the most likely impact of a recession on human resources?

    increase is wages
    increase in overtime
    decrease in involuntary seperation
    decrease in employee bargaining power
  10. which of the following is an example of legal compliance for a sports store?

    paying taxes on time
    offsetting carbon emissions
    induction of new employees
    paying dividends to shareholders

Can You Pass A Year 12 Business Studies Exam?

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