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    • tracir3

      You tempted me, so I looked at one on Amazon. However, reading the reviews turned me off to it. Several people complained that after about 4 uses, the enamel chipped on the inside and that they returned it expecting a replacement from the “lifetime warranty” but that the company denied them stating that they had burned it. Every person swears they never used it above 350 oven which clearly would not burn it. And that there were no scorch marks and that the chips were visible in different areas all over the item, not just in one spot which could denote stovetop burning. Basically the company uses the “warranty is void if burned” disclaimer to avoid actually enforcing their warranty, which is sad since their product is so expensive. Also, in every case I read about, they refused to return the defective pot to its owner. So each person was left with literally nothing, could not take photos to prove anything, and could not attempt to return the item to the point of sale where they purchased it. So…no thanks! Definitely gonna go with one of the cheaper models like the Loge or Tramontina. (Which both incidentally have shining user reviews!)

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