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16 Slightly Strange Things About Latino Homes That People Will Never Get

We are kinda weird, and that's OK. NET10Wireless can help you clear a lil' of the clutter in the sala — say bye to buying a calling card EVER AGAIN with their low-priced plans and international options. WooOo.

1. A bathroom that can rival the glamour of any quinceañera.

2. An oven whose primary mission is to serve as comfortable lodging for young and old pans and pots.

3. Bags in bags in bags. (Also to be found in the oven many times.)

4. A large plant (or several) seemingly coming at you out of nowhere.

5. And also a large maceta, preferably located next to the television! 'Cause good things come in pairs.

6. Some couches handsomely* wrapped up in plastic.

7. One or maybe A MILLION ceramic figurines that may or may not look like what the homeowner claims them to be.

8. 👇 👇 👇 👇

9. A bad photo (usually of a pet) stuffed in a frame so baroque it rivals most Italian cathedrals.

10. A glass cabinet displaying the finest dinnerware sets that you shall never, ever eat out of.

11. A faceless doll. O_o

12. A handmade tapete, somewhere, somehow.

13. A piece of furniture whose every repisa exhibits ancient bibles, bautizo souvenirs, and worldly cachivaches. (And generally stuff that should've been given away in a bazar or became obsolete ages ago.)

14. Not one or two pics of the nuclear family, but instead a dang panoramic image of the entire family that stretches for miles across the living room.

15. And, tbh, it wouldn't be unusual to bump into a dog sporting a sweater.

16. And, finally, FRIDGES FULL OF DECEIT.

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