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16 Slightly Strange Things About Latino Homes That People Will Never Get

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4. A large plant (or several) seemingly coming at you out of nowhere.

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Having plants in the home = normal.

Having an helecho hit you in the face when you open the door to a restroom = not so normal.

12. A handmade tapete, somewhere, somehow.

Via Flickr: 45262270@N07

Does it fit in with the rest of the decor? Does it make sense on top of another rug? Are people actually expected to step over it...? PLEASE. Irrelevant. It just needs. to. exist.

13. A piece of furniture whose every repisa exhibits ancient bibles, bautizo souvenirs, and worldly cachivaches. (And generally stuff that should've been given away in a bazar or became obsolete ages ago.)

14. Not one or two pics of the nuclear family, but instead a dang panoramic image of the entire family that stretches for miles across the living room.

vladimix / (CC BY 2.0) / Via

All 600+ cousins, distant cousins, and distant cousins of the distant cousins.

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