14 Normal Toys Made Extra “Ladyrific”

A gun that fires teddy bears, a porcelain Ninja Turtle, and so much pink your teeth may hurt. In fact, these would be fun to play with no matter what your gender.

Firstly: “Ladyrific” is a state of mind, not a definition. Also - I just made it up. Point is, YOU have the power to transform anything into being Ladyrific…including outer space.

Not enough dancing ladies being represented in space?
BAM! You BE that dancing lady in space.

Space is now Ladyrific.

1. Or, For Instance, A Ninja Turtle Figurine Cast In Fine China?


Finally a legitimate argument for using fine china for everyday meals like pizza!


2. This FIERCE Sailor Moon Gundam

That’s a Gundam with transformer abilities.
Who’s also a Lady.
Who’s also terrific.

That’s a Trans-Ladyrific!

3. Don’t Forget This Tastfully Bedazzled Gundam Figurine

Just remember - you can totally bedazzle a Gundam You can ALSO bedazzle…

…your face. But use your best judgement, people.

4. Here’s a Gun That Fires Pink Teddy Bears!!!

Gives a whole new meaning to the “right to BEAR arms,” no?

(Sorry / Not Sorry)

5. Need a Holiday Stocking Stuffer? How About These Pastel Army Men Ornaments?

6. Or - for something less season-specific - These Framed Army Men?

Collect them all here

Is it Just Me or are Those Army Men Ladyrific AND Slightly Wes Anderson-y?

That’s right - gender is a social construct! You have the power to decide what is masculine and what is feminine (and everything in-between)!

Always be questioning those constructs!

7. Okay, Here Are Some (Awesome) Engineering Toys for Girls (of course boys can play too!)

Close-up of one of the (awesome) engineering toys in the video:

8. Or There’s This Nerf “HeartBreaker” Bow

I wonder what Katniss would think…

Maybe not so Ladyrific, afterall.

9. Then There’s These Smiling Poop Cellphone Charms

Which Can Only Be Explained As:

10. And This Rocking…er…car?

No, wait. THIS Car!

Hell yea!

11. There’s Also This Zombie

But don’t be fooled - she only likes you for your brains.

12. And This “Hello Kitty” Camping Tent

Technically a toy because there is no way that thing is rated for any real weather ranges.

Yup, it’s a pretend tent for pretend camping where the weather forecast is always: a chance of rainbows and scattered butterflies expected.

Brought to you by this guy - your friendly local woodsman weatherman.

Now, try saying “Woodsman Weatherman” 3 times, fast.

13. But, If You’re One of Those People With Less Of An Imagination,

Then there’s this Lego Set.

It’s called the “My First Princess” set.

Also - let’s just note that the horse is coming before the cart, if we’re reading this correctly.

What if you just need something that is suited for your tiny hands to hold? Something that can maybe love you back?

14. Check Out This TOY POODLE! It comes in a completely unnatural (but no less DELIGHTful) pink.

See what I did there?
TOY poodle?

Seriously though. Dogs aren’t actually toys. Please don’t dye them.

But let’s be real. Isn’t it nice to see that some toy-makers are getting the message and making toys that everyone can have fun with?

Isn’t that the definition of “progress?” That and maybe:

Sounds right to me!

Have you come across any re-imagined toys you’d like to share?

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