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  • The Young Lady In RED At The ALMA Awards 2013

    Pasadena, California was the place to be last weekend on Friday September 27th. It was the Latin Award show “The Alma Awards” Hosted by Mario Lopez and Eva Longoria. This event was all Exclusive! Celebrity Latin Talent across the wall. But the real story is that Atlanta, Georgia Latina Singer/Actress Cristina Quinones made a Grand entrance. In fact, she was the Only one there representing Atlanta Latinos with her presence. Wow! is the words that came out of so many people at the Alma Awards as they viewed her stepping out from her black Limo on to the Celebrity Red Carpet dressed in an all Red Versace Gown! Miss Cristina gave them every reason to ask her “Who are you and where are you from?” To their belief they said they didn’t even know that their were Latinos in Georgia. Well have to say she show them and proved them wrong. So Latin Atlanta Georgians be very proud that Cristina Quinones is giving her all to represent in the West Coast


    Let’s start off by saying there is definitely NO Stopping this young 19 yr old Puerto Rican/Mexican Singer/Songwriter/Actor Cristina Quinones from Atlanta, GA! She’s been dealt with a bit of drama from the beginning of this year, But that is all about to change. Cristina has made sure to just keep pushing her dream forward. With her new two photo shoots of different looks and new single “Don’t Go” co-written and produced by Willis Brindley a band member from the group “The North Coast”. Which debuts TODAY! May 23,2013. Which can be bought on http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cristinaquinones All that is taken place so far has given Cristina more reason to say … quoting her: “Dear Lord I do Believe” Cristina will be making a major move this summer. Leaving Atlanta and moving to Los Angeles to continue her journey. A Journey with a Mission. For which you will all soon find out in the near future what that mission is. Meanwhile you can find Cristina almost everywhere and updates including her links to Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud etc by just going to her website: http://www.cristinaquinones.com/

  • Atlanta’s Best Kept Little Secret! CrisTina Quinones

    This very young and extremely talented 19 yr old Singer/Songwriter Cristina Quinones has been going at it in the Entertainment Music industry for the past eight years! Yes, 8 years non-stop! And there is no stopping her. She’s been slowly reaching up to her level of superior Success! Which now means, that ATL’s little secret is No more! Cristina is about to spread her wings all the way to the West Coast! LaLa Land that is. Atlanta will always be her birth home. She’s made her mark in Atlanta along with 3 music Awards, 900 shows, 7 national anthems (including the major NASCAR race among 1.5 million viewers). With all this said, I suggest you become continuously familiar with her and check out her present links: http://www.facebook.com/cristinaquinonesmusic http://www.twitter.com/cristyquinones http://www.youtube.com/tynaqofficial

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