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The Best DCOMs

The best of the DCOMS that 90's children grew up with. (Disney Channel Original Movie..for those of you who were not able to convince you parents that having the DIsney Channel was essential to your coolness)

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The Luck of the Irish do you top turning into a mermiad?

By turning into a Leprechaun of course! Another one of those slightly terrifying movies that had me dreading my birthday and all holidays.

My Date with the President's Daughter

This was the original misunderstood first daughter falls in love movie way before Katie Holmes and Mandy Moore decided to give it a shot. And who didn't want to go on date with Eric from Boy Meets World?


Once again a movie where a child wakes up one day and finds out he/she has mystical powers...Does anyone else see a trend here? Also possibly the only DCOM that stars an Academy Award-nominated actress. She will always be the coolest Grandma around to me.


The movie that made me want to go out buy roller skates, start saying brah, and throw milkshakes on people I didn't like. Anyone else think Andy "Brink" Brinker was a secret stoner?

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

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The movie that brought us such catchphrases as zetus lepedus and made you look forward to the day we all move into space and start wearing awesome outfits...I'm still waiting

Also try to get this out of your head...

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