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    17 Slammin' Birthday Cards For The '90s Kid In Your Life

    The dream of the '90s is alive — on Etsy!

    1. For the '90s kid that loves catching references:

    2. For the '90s fashionista:

    3. For those who whatever, forever:

    4. For the game boy:

    5. For those who do The Elaine:

    6. For the Scream queen:

    7. For the wannabe:

    8. For those feeling a little old*:

    9. For your Jazzy Jeff:

    10. For your close ~friends~:

    11. For those wanting a summer of George:

    12. For the Twin Peaks aficionado:

    13. For those who are not worthy:

    14. For the Jessie Spanos in your life:

    15. For the '90s kid whose name starts with an "S":

    16. For the Romy and Michele fan:

    17. For your troll homie:

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