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How To Use Colour To Stand Out From The Crowd

Just a splash of colour can make a world of difference.

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1. Wear bright colours if you want to be remembered.

Nick Dolding / Getty Images

Studies have shown that vivid colours help the human brain create memories – so wear a bright and daring accessory to a job interview.

2. Wear pink if you need someone to calm down.

Drb Images, Llc / Getty Images

The colour pink has a calming effect on people. So much so, that the University of Iowa's sports team made their opposition get changed and wait in a fully pinked-up room. Think pink urinals, walls, and pretty much everything else. It helped strip them of their killer instinct. It worked so well that a new rule was passed stating that the home and away team's locker rooms had to be painted in the exact same colour to keep things fair.

4. Wear orange to be popular. / Via

The colour orange is friendly, energetic, and increases socialisation, so if your confidence is lacking, wearing orange will be the only tool you need to bring the party to wherever you are.

Practice your small talk, my friend; you're about to become extremely popular.

6. Wear blue to look insanely cool. / Via

Big job interview coming up? Your friendly, neighbourhood colour blue is at your service. Blue symbolises loyalty, so you've already persuaded your prospective employers, and the calming nature of blue can help you feel cool, calm, and collected — much like this kid.

Easiest interview ever.

7. Or if you want to become more creative...

David Jakle / Getty Images

There's some truth in the saying "blue-sky thinking": wearing blue actually makes you more creative. One theory argues it's because it's such a relaxing colour that it lets your mind drift to new solutions.

8. …but red if you want to be more accurate.

Retales Botijero / Getty Images

Wear red if you want to become more focused. Studies have shown that the colour red puts you on, well, red alert because it's a warning sign – think traffic lights and blood – in both man-made stuff and nature.

10. In fact, red is the best colour for getting noticed, full stop. / Via

"Seeing red" doesn't always have to be synonymous with getting angry. Wearing the colour of passion and excitement will definitely get you noticed — red stimulates a quicker heartbeat and heavier breathing.

12. Wear green if you need to chill.

Khoa Vu / Getty Images

Studies have shown that green is a universally calming colour. Why? Some people think it's because if our caveman ancestors could see green and lush vegetation, it meant that all was good and they could chill for a bit, instead of having to migrate and chase down a mammoth or two for dinner.

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