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13 Latin-American Snacks That Totally Take It To The Next Level

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1. These tasty fruit cups:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

The perf party snack. Grab your fave fruits and veggies (these have carrots, pepino, and jícama) and throw them in tiny mason jars for added cuteness. Add a couple of spicy tamarind candy sticks, sprinkle some powdered chili, spritz some lime, and you're set!

2. This beautiful Colombian classic:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

It's almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST, we said. This flawless ensalada colombiana consists of bananas, apples, papayas, piña, and a BIG OL' scoop of vanilla cream 'cause we don't want anyone getting too healthy on us.

3. These horchata + cajeta popsicles, which may give the paletero a run for his money:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

The recipe is simple: Make the most delicious agua fresca known to man, freeze it, and then squirt cajeta on top to reach levels of impossible decadency.

4. But if you want something ~savory~, try these jamaica paletas.

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

Nothing contrasts the sweet + tangy dualism of a hibiscus popsicle like the sweet + tangy dualism of liquid tamarindo, which found the perfect home on these paletas.

5. This staple of Mexico (but with chamoy):

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

There's hardly any way to improve a traditional esquite, but we added chamoy to the mix of corn, queso cotija, mayo, and powder chili for added juiciness.

6. Tequeños al cuadrado:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

OMG as if tequeños weren't incredible enough on their own, you can dip them in the traditional cilantro mayo or experiment with chipotle mayo and explode with joy.

7. This paradise built of fritangas:

One plain bag of fritangas from la calle is just not enough. Mix all the fritangas that make you weak in the knees with chips and cacahuates, then drizzle salsa and lime juice all ova it. YUM!

8. Cucumber cups 😍 😍 😍:

Sarah Stone/ BuzzFeed

Pepino con chile who?! Grab your fave peanut mix and stuff some previously hollowed pepinos with 'em — then decorate with chips and as much salsa and chamoy as your heart needs.

9. A bomb salchipapa:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

Forget hot dogs; fries and franks are where it's at. Cook the salchichas on a pan until they get a little brown, then throw them over a bed of french fries. Finally, let a fine mist of your favorite condiments deliciously rain on the plate.

10. This sick chicharrón tower we'd climb forever:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

Chicharrón doesn't need much to look tempting, but if you mix in churritos, popcorn, and even cueritos (if that's how you roll), it's extra tantalizing.

11. This fruit guac that's just really, really, ridiculously good-looking:

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

If we were this guac, we'd stare into the mirror all day. Be adventurous and swap the onions and tomatoes for sweet ingredients, then let yourself fall in love with guacamole all over again. Cut a crisp green apple, a kiwi, and fresh strawberries into tiny chunks and mix them with the guac. Scoop it up with plantains and feel yourself reaching nirvana.


Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

Real talk: You haven't lived until you've tried a concha burger. Honestly, conchas are not *that* sweet — the slight sugariness of the dough gives the hamburguesa a pleasant twist, much like adding a little piña to a savory creation does at times. *drools forever*

13. And this SANDÍA PREPARADA 😱 💗 *clasps chest* *se persigna*

Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed

Life's too short to eat sandía plainly. Stuff your watermelon with cacahuates and the fruits of your liking (we chose to add mango) and add as many salsas as you want to create that beautiful cascading effect. Add tamarind candy wherever you see fit (or just like, wherever it fits) to crown this royal snack. 👑

All images taken by Sarah Stone for BuzzFeed

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