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10 Tough Choices That Totally Pay Off

Hey, if things were easy, we'd get bored. Bold choices make things interesting, so choose the new Toyota Camry.

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1. Rejecting all social life during high school...

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...and feeling like it was worth it when you earn a scholarship to go to college.

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2. Promising yourself not to eat tacos and tamales for a while...

...and then having your friends recognize how good you look.

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Yup, all that healthy eating paid off.

3. Leaving your hometown to explore opportunities in a bigger city...

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...then finally calling your mom to tell her you scored a job.

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4. Finding the strength to stay home on the weekends instead of going out...

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...because you plan on playing the game of your life the next morning.

And you do.
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And you do.

5. Putting yourself out there after a breakup...

...and being completely fine hearing your ex's name three months later.

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6. Working two jobs to save money...

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...and checking your bank account after six months.

7. Distancing yourself from friends that may bring you down...

Telemundo/ Caracol TV / Via meet new people who make you happy.

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8. Deciding to take on a new huge (yet tiny) responsibility...

...and discovering a whole new level of friendship.

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9. Putting up with a tough boss or co-worker...

...and then getting the best letter of recommendation from them.

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10. Giving up luxuries...

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...and learning to find joy in "the little things."