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7 Stories Of Latinos That Will Make You Go Chase Your Dreams RIGHT NOW

Talk about moving full-speed in the direction you want. If you’re driven to succeed, you gotta check out the new Toyota Yaris iA — it’s pretty much the full package, just like you.

1. Luis Lucio — Photographer

2. Carlos Escalona Cruz — Music Producer/Songwriter

3. Michelle Poler — Creator of Hello Fears

4. Christian Pineda — Co-founder of Los Tacos No.1 and Los Mariscos

5. Sandra Dávila — UX Designer

6. Cori Höher — Artist

7. Eliane Kirschbaum — Founder of byElianne and FTHESUN

What will inspire you to make things happen? Become motivated by a car that's pretty much the full package, just like you — the new Toyota Yaris iA.