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13 Reasons Why Latina Moms Must Be Protected At All Costs

Latina moms are quite unique. Let yours know that she’s the full package with the all-new Toyota Yaris iA!

1. They teach you perfect etiquette when it comes to salutations.

2. They know how to word things so they aren't as scary.

3. They are super-prepared individuals and superb planners, seemingly taking into account a possible apocalypse every time they grocery shop.

4. They teach you not only to clean, but to clean right.

5. And aside from having you help keep the house spotless, they also teach you to be sweet. <3

6. They know exactly how to make you feel better.

7. They let you be yourself...

8. ...and will go to great lengths to support you, even if you wanna be real ridiculous on your quinceañera.

9. They get what it's like to be extra; they themselves are fashion designers.

10. They also provide simple solutions to complex problems.

11. They thrive on being well-informed in all sorts of issues and matters.

12. They have the power of disciplining even the fiercest beasts by parading their footwear.

13. And they are always armed with the right tools before any road trip:

There’s nothing quite like a Latina mom — they're the best of both worlds! For a vehicle that’s also the full package, there’s the new Toyota Yaris iA — with the added benefit that it won’t throw a chancla at you!