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14 Ways To Reinvent Your Typical Road Trip

Give the journey of a lifetime a whole new spin. With premium interior styling and incredible fuel efficiency, Toyota Corolla is just the car to help you take your ride to the next level — and experience the road like you've never seen before.

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1. Hit somewhere totally off-season.

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You'll find way fewer crowds, lower prices, and a whole new view of nature! Ever hung out on a ski mountain in shorts? It's kindaaa awesome.

2. Follow an old-school printed map.


No, you're not a grandparent, so yes, GPS is clearly your jam. But have a paper map on hand as well so you can mark it up with thumbtacks, highlights, and notes for a keepsake that will preserve the details of your adventure.

3. Stop and watch the sunset every night.


It will give you a chance to appreciate the landscape of wherever you are and to truly unwind after a long day of driving. Also, prime selfie background.

4. Actually listen to local radio stations.


You'll get a taste for the region's preferred tunes (fifty–fifty chance they're terrible, but you don't know 'til you try!), learn some cool city facts, and maybe even catch wind of events worth a detour for.

5. Don't research every stop.

Loozrboy (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: loozrboy

Mystery? Bring it on. Following those random signs to the World's Largest Whatever on a whim or entering a town not knowing at all what to expect will be the spice of your road trip life!

6. But do plan to hit a mix of environments.


You could do all beach towns (sunburn), or all big cities ($$$) or all national parks (tree fatigue?) but... You get the picture! Vary your stops so you'll have lots of new and different experiences to look forward to.

7. Get a few runs in.

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Exercise often falls by the wayside during a road trip, but heading out for a run in a new place is the ultimate way to explore — and burn off that gas station doughnut you had for breakfast. Well...maybe half of it.

8. As well as some quality alone time.


Road trip buddies are great, but sorry 'bout it — there's no way you won't start to get on each other's nerves. Split up occasionally during stops so you can do you and return to the group rejuvenated.

9. Know where all the live music is.


You could happen to just stumble upon an awesome concert along the way, but why leave something so important to chance? Make a live music game plan with the Bandsintown Concerts app, and rock out wherever your little heart desires.

10. Up your snack game.

Chips and trail mix are going to get old real fast. Whip up some more creative, satisfying concoctions with your gas station and grocery store finds. Even better if you can stop at a local farmstand for fresh fruits and veggies!

11. And make dinner a local sit-down affair.

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Spilling chain restaurant food on yourself trying to eat in the car = major road rage. Hit up actual restaurants for authentic, local cuisine, and research gems that have been featured on hit food shows using the TVFoodMaps app!

12. Banish carsickness.


No need for barf bags — just make sure you are looking out the window when you're in the backseat! Doing so sends the right signals to your brain that you are moving, whereas staring at a still object like your phone messes with your equilibrium.

13. Have all your bathroom stops lined up.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go, and there's no stress like not knowing how soon relief will be possible. The SitOrSquat app lets you search and view public restrooms nearby to make that stop happen STAT.

The open road awaits. Make your trip as epic as possible with Toyota Corolla — like you've never seen before.