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12 Twentysomethings Share What They Want To Do Before They're 30

You've got a whole lotta life to live before the big three-oh. No matter what you have planned, the 2017 Toyota Corolla can help you on your way.

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2. Make a virtual world a reality.

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"I'd really love to make a fully functioning video game, specifically a 2D platformer, in the next few years. I guess the real goal there would be to be fluent enough in coding to be able to produce a fully functioning game."

—Jake, 25

4. ...or maybe learn Czech.

Rudybalasko / Getty Images

"I'd like to be fully conversant in Czech. The hubby is from Prague, and I always look like a dumbo when I visit his family and can literally only say, 'Hi! How are you? My Czech is not very good. Carrots?'"

—Marjorie, 25

5. Learn "car things."

James Case (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: capcase

"I wanna learn car things. I don't know anything about my car, and I would like to be able to get my tires or oil changed by the time I'm 30 without having to call my dad crying."

—Tessa, 25

6. Read the great books.

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"I want to read some classic books. I always tell myself that I want to read more, but I always end up picking up the TV remote instead. I feel like I should read some classics sooner rather than later so I can have adult conversations at parties."

—Alex, 25

7. Write a great book, too.

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"I've always wanted to publish a collection of short stories before turning 30. I don't know why that age exactly — maybe because of the whole '30 Under 30' thing — but I think it'd be a really awesome accomplishment before reaching the big three-oh."

—Dan, 26

8. Try something that scares you, like stand-up comedy...

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"I want to try stand-up comedy at least one time. Stand-up is something I've wanted to try for years because it scares me, and it puts a concrete challenge to the idea that I'm actually funny. It's a test whose results scare me but that I'm excited to discover."

—Ben, 27

9. ...or hot-air balloons.

Ugurhan Betin / Getty Images

"I'd like to ride in a hot-air balloon because I figure, after 30, I would think it's not smart of me to sit in a basket while blowing flames carry me up thousands of feet with no safety plan."

—Jacqueline, 25

10. Actually look at tomorrow.

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"I want to go to Little Diomede Island. It's an Alaskan Island in the Bering Strait. On a clear day, you can see to Big Diomede Island, which belongs to Russia. So, when you look out, you can literally see to tomorrow. However, if you can make it to the island, you will at a minimum be there for two weeks. Depending on weather, you could be there for several months, waiting for the helicopter to come and get you. It's a pretty big commitment."

—Kristen, 28

11. Take the show on the road...

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"I'd like to plan to go on a tour to play my music. It doesn't have to be some gigantic international thing — just a few dates across the country would be cool. This is the only time in my life where I can pull something like that off, being single and childless."

—Tyler, 27

12. ...or just take yourself on the road.

Welcomia / Getty Images

"I want to go on a cross-country road trip because I imagine the reasons not to will just increase as I get older, just as my patience with sitting for hours on end will decrease."

—Kaye, 26