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Here Are 10 Travel Hacks You Can Use Next Time You Go Overseas

Save time and make the most out of your trip with these handy tips. Brought to you by the exceptionally efficient New Corolla Hybrid.

1. Delete your cookies.

2. Carry on. Carry on. Carry on.

3. The exit-row seat trick.

4. Planes have closets.

5. Itineraries are good, but you don't have to stick to them.

6. If you're still stuck for ideas for what to do when you're somewhere, there'll be help.

7. Try offline maps and map apps for easier exploring.

8. Unlock your phone and use local sims.

9. The six-block rule.

10. Find good food using geo tags.

Get to the places you want to be with the New Corolla Hybrid, equipped with the intelligence you need like satellite navigation¹; smart entry and start; and the dynamic performance of Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive technology. Toyota Corolla, for the generation going places.

¹Current navigation mapping database encompasses major capital and primary national road networks as well as offering some coverage of regional areas.