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10 Things You Wish You Could Do For The First Time Again

There's always a first time. But sometimes we wish we could live that first time over and over again. Celebrate first times and experience the new with Toyota RAV4.

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1. Go on your first overseas trip.

The first trip was so special, you couldn't bear to come home.

2. Jump into fluffy snow.

Cat knows how it's done. If only there were a pill that could help us forget what snow feels like so we could do it for the first time every time.

3. Jump on a trampoline. / Via

Like this crazy goat. He's having his first time, and he's loving life.

4. Get your first pay check.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

And subsequently blow it on anything and everything! Because when it's your first ever pay check, being reckless is allowed, right?

5. Lie in the sand on the beach.

Because warm sand feels soooo good. And if every time felt like the first time it would feel even better.

6. And swim in the ocean. / Via

The first time felt like swimming in a giant, cold, salty bath. And it was amazing.

7. Get your first pet.

Seriously...imagine meeting your first-ever pet for the first time again? *Wipes tear*

8. Have your first kiss.

NBC Productions / Via

Remember getting all the butterflies...and never wanting it to end...and replaying it in your mind over and over again for weeks after.

9. Get your first wheels. / Via

Driving away in your first car and feeling like the world is your total oyster. That feeling again, please, universe.

10. Sleep under the stars.


Because sleeping under the stars is one of the most magical, awe-inspiring things you can do. And the first time is always the most magical.

Toyota RAV4 is all for experiencing new things. So they created a place to share and celebrate first times — and you can upload your own videos to their Wall of Firsts here.