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12 Adorable Kids Experiencing Things For The First Time

The only thing better than doing something for the first time is watching kids do something for the first time. These cute firsts are brought to you by Toyota RAV4.

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1. First time seeing fireworks: / Via

"What kind of sky sorcery...?!" —This baby

2. Smelling Dad's socks for the first time:

And also the last...

3. First time hearing Dad make a weird noise: / Via

That little face.

4. First time trying lemon:

"Nope. Nope. Nope."

5. First time meeting Dad's twin brother:

Wait, but who is who? What is life? Nothing makes sense anymore.

6. First time baking a cake:

Egg cracking technique on point, child.

7. First kiss on the mouth:

So. Sweet.

8. First time having medicine:

Somebody give this girl a spoonful of sugar.

9. First time opening a birthday present:

Happiest. Birthday. Ever.

10. First time using a power drill:

A toy power drill (nose picker) that is.

11. First time at a sports game:

He can't hear it, but that doesn't make it any less exciting!

12. And first time eating cold ice cream:

"Mum, are you for real though?"

Toyota RAV4 is all for new experiences. So they created a place to share and celebrate first times — and you can upload your own videos to their Wall of Firsts here.