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11 Videos That Prove The First Time Is The Cutest Time

Can't handle the cute. It’s all thanks to the Toyota RAV4. Experience the New.

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1. This baby eating her first lemon:

Courtesy of Sherelyn Hebra / Via

2. This little one taking his first steps:

Courtesy of Julie Williams / Via

3. This little lady blowing out a candle for the first time:

Courtesy of Glenn O'Meara / Toyota RAV4

Nicely done.

4. This young man jumping into the pool for the first time: / Via

Good mum-ing.

5. This adorable girl having her first birthday:

Courtesy of Mel Beauchamp / Via

And first birthday cake face plant.

6. This tiny shark swimming for the first time on his own:

Courtesy of Claire / Via

7. This girl going on her first car ride around the house:

Courtesy of Adam Laws / Toyota RAV4

8. This baby visiting the ice cream truck for the first time...and seeing the ice cream truck driver is Dad:

Courtesy of Vicki Foran / Toyota RAV4

9. This baby having her first laugh: / Via

10. These kids taking their first cardboard sled ride:

Courtesy of Hnas Van Der Niet / Toyota RAV4

11. And this seal going for her first surf:

Courtesy of Toyota RAV4


Toyota RAV4 is all for new experiences. So they created a place to share and celebrate first times — upload your own to their Wall of Firsts here.