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20 Times You Actually Felt Sorry For Jerry On "Parks And Rec"

"Dammit, Jerry!"

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1. When it was sad to look like him.

NBC / Via justinripley.tumblr.com

2. When he would have done some things for a Klondike Bar.

NBC / Via leslie-knopes.tumblr.com

3. When he was literally attacked by ninjas.

NBC / Via dailypawnee.tumblr.com

4. When he was just showing concern.

NBC / Via sirheisenberg.tumblr.com

5. When everyone pretended he wasn't born.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldings.tumblr.com

6. When he didn't get to enjoy his coffee.

NBC / Via nbcparksandrec.tumblr.com

7. When he didn't make good life decisions.

NBC / Via ginervas.tumblr.com

8. When he had to live in a tent.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldings.tumblr.com

9. When he had a fart attack.

NBC / Via nayashugs.tumblr.com

10. When nobody wanted him to help.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldings.tumblr.com

11. When his house was egged.

NBC / Via amusementdaily.tumblr.com

12. When even a child couldn't deal with him.

NBC / Via shygirl364.tumblr.com

13. When he lost his replacement wedding band.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldings.tumblr.com

14. When he wasn't a friend.

NBC / Via veronicapalmer.tumblr.com

15. When his painting was ruined.

NBC / Via frejskamavora.tumblr.com

16. When he didn't know he was adopted.

NBC / Via linked-pinkies.tumblr.com

17. When he had to change his name.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldlings.tumblr.com

18. When he did something right, but it was still wrong.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldlings.tumblr.com

19. When he couldn't get the report he wanted.

NBC / Via holden-caulfieldlings.tumblr.com

20. And when he took a pie to the face.

NBC / Via recandpark.tumblr.com
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