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20 Times Korey Kuhl Was The Funniest Person On Twitter

"Some things are completely unforgivable. Like Rascal Flatts' cover of "Life is a Highway" or John Travolta in Hairspray."

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1. When he knew Adam Levine was everything.

not sure why everyone's freaking out about adam levine becoming a daddy when he's already been my daddy for years

2. When he was so generous.

here's your hug. take it. leave it. do what you want with it.

3. When he knew what we needed.

petition to get @ZacEfron to recreate the kim kardashian viral nude selfie

4. When he got a little crazy.

Do you ever get REALLY crazy and try to eat five Pringles at once?

5. When he showed his true feelings for "Uptown Funk."

If I ever hear Uptown Funk again it'll be too soon. #GRAMMYs

6. When he knew himself.

Some girl just flashed me. Yep, still gay.

7. When Olivia Pope was his only hope.

At what point does Olivia Pope finally step in and save us all from Trump?

8. When he didn't show forgiveness.

Some things are completely unforgivable. Like Rascal Flatts' cover of "Life is a Highway" or John Travolta in Hairspray.

9. When he really made you think.

everyone is all excited about leap day and i'm sitting here like now i gotta wait a whole nother day til my birthday??

10. When he started his day off right.

just listening to my private "wedding" playlist on spotify and crying. very busy this morning.

11. When he should have been an Emoji creator.

petition to make this emoji 😍 but with pizza slices for eyes instead of hearts

12. When he was the most humble human alive.

Funny. ✔️ Cute. ✔️ Tall. ✔️ Humble. ✔️ Verified. ✔️

13. And also when he was a king.

I'm eating ice cream after dinner because I deserve it! Treat YOURSELF! I AM A KING!

14. When he was #relatable.

I really wanna tweet about my good breakfast but I also wanna seem young and relatable so I guess I'll go with: breakfast meat on fleek

15. When he was always the sickest.

glad I'm not sick anymore and just back to being sickening

16. When Grey's was always the most important thing.

people: Which Hogwarts house are you? me: I'm definitely Cristina Yang.

17. When he helped you realize that all good things must come to an end.

If you ever start to miss Glee just imagine Mr. Schue singing "Hotline Bling" and then you'll quickly realize that you're glad it's over.

18. When he loved a good fight.

true life: all my recommended videos on YouTube are fights from previous seasons of Big Brother and RuPaul's Drag Race

19. When he witnessed this iconic moment.

Just saw a man putting a diaper on his dog in the bathroom. Of course he was using the baby changing table. Why wouldn't he be?

20. And when he was just the coolest guy alive.

Yesterday I stubbed my toe and then immediately yelled "OH TOE SHE DIDN'T!" because I am cooler than you'll ever be.

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