17 Times Jason Proved He's The Best, Funniest Character On "The Good Place"

    "I wasn't a failed DJ. I was pre-successful."

    1. When he described his own personal hell.

    NBC / Via nocontextgoodplace.tumblr.com

    2. When he had an existential crisis.

    NBC / Via sitcomedies.tumblr.com

    3. When he knew how to fix all of his problems.

    NBC / Via danakscullly.tumblr.com

    4. When he was really clueless.

    NBC / Via tgpgifs.tumblr.com

    5. Like, REALLY clueless.

    NBC / Via mrsgilmoredanes.tumblr.com

    6. But also when he was full of love.

    NBC / Via jesscajones.tumblr.com

    7. When he was perfectly optimistic.

    NBC / Via captainsamerica.tumblr.com

    8. When he hit us with this good save.

    NBC / Via sseureki.tumblr.com

    9. When he'd honestly been through a lot...

    NBC / Via montygreen.tumblr.com

    10. ...But even then he was super trusting.

    NBC / Via gal-gadot.tumblr.com

    11. When he was a little stumped.

    NBC / Via tgpgifs.tumblr.com

    12. When he knew what was really important in a romantic partner.

    NBC / Via rileybleu.tumblr.com

    13. When he had to give it up.

    NBC / Via tgpgifs.tumblr.com

    14. Literally every time he mentions Blake Bortles.

    NBC / Via tgpgifs.tumblr.com

    15. When he was woke.

    NBC / Via jamesvega.tumblr.com

    16. When he was literally pure sunshine.

    NBC / Via tgpgifs.tumblr.com

    17. And when he did everything he could to bring some good into The Bad Place.

    NBC / Via shellstropaljamil.tumblr.com

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