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Paid PostPosted on Apr 8, 2015

16 Reasons Prince Edward Island Is A Foodie's Paradise

Calling all culinary adventurers. If indulging in fine cuisine is your favourite part of vacation, head to Prince Edward Island this summer and dine like royalty.

1. From land to sea, everything is fresh and locally sourced.

Barrett & MacKay / Getty Images
Barrett & MacKay / Getty Images

Farming and fishing are integral to Prince Edward Island's economy and culture, and restaurants across the Island are dedicated to sourcing the ingredients right outside their door.

2. There are authentic Malpeque Oysters.

Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Getty Images

These crisp, clean, world-renowned oysters are native to Prince Edward Island. You can find them all over, but head to the North Cape — nicknamed The Canadian Oyster Coast — to snag them at their source.

3. Famous Prince Edward Island potatoes.

Onepony / Getty Images

You've probably bought these spuds in a grocery store back home, but never will you taste them fresher than right here on the Island. Try them roasted and piled under a fresh filet of fish or dig into some epic French fries.

4. Vegetables freshly plucked from the garden.

Martin Cathrae (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: suckamc

Order up a crisp salad, or head to one of many farmers markets to grab a bag of veggies for yourself!

5. And rich, artisan cheese.

Courtesy of Heather Ogg / Via

Glasgow Glen Farms produces 15 varieties of gouda (including onion and red pepper, smoked peppercorn, and truffle) and distributes them to several restaurants and markets throughout the Island.

6. You'll be served the day's catch, prepared just the way you like it.

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Whether you dig grilled, poached, pan-seared, or fried, your filet may just be one of the freshest you've ever tasted.

7. Huge, buttery lobsters ready to be cracked.

Barrett & Mackay / Getty Images

There's nothing quite like enjoying lobster on a summer evening. Cardigan Lobster Suppers, one of the Island's many lobster spots, has been family-owned for 110 years and serving five-course lobster suppers, complete with plenty of sides and desserts, for 35 years!

8. Succulent lobster meat that's already been prepared for you.

William Higgins / Getty Images

Not a big crustacean cracker? Prince Edward Island could be the home of your new favourite lobster roll. Shipwright's Cafe in Margate, for example, dishes up "The Margate Clipper," prepared with fresh lobster, salad style, on your choice of bun.

9. Comfort food with a twist.

Courtesy of Mavor’s Restaurant & Bar / Via

Unique indulgences are all over the Island, including at Mavor's, located inside the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, which offers up their award-winning grilled cheese, packed with veggies and prosciutto on a pretzel baguette.

10. Classy, colourful takeout.

Courtesy of Sarah Bennetto O'Brien / Via

No grease-stained lo mein cartons here! Scapes in Borden is one spot that offers fresh, flavourful meal options. You can grab one of their famous hand pies or seasonal soups and salads and enjoy it on the go (or while lying on the beach).

11. Steamed PEI Blue Mussels, with your choice of savoury broth.

Courtesy of Point Prim Chowder House / Via

Be sure to sit down to a bowl of Prince Edward Island's favourite mollusks -- you can find one many places! Point Prim Chowder House serves them with lemon and cream, ginger and white wine or dark ale and onions.

12. Craft brews on tap.

Courtesy of The Gahan House / Via

Is there anything more refreshing than a crisp pint when the sun is glaring down? The Gahan House in Charlottetown brews an array of light and dark beers — and you can take a tour of their brewery to get all the hoppy knowledge you desire!

13. Fine wines.

Courtesy of Ruby Wong / Via

We know the feeling: 5pm hits and, all of a sudden, you're craving a crisp white or a fruity red. Newman Estate Winery in Murray River produces red and white blends to pair with dinner...or sip well before and after.

14. Naturally raised island beef.

Courtesy of O'Shea's Pub & Eatery / Via

Cattle are raised right on the Island's family-owned farms, and the meat served in restaurants across the island is as rich and flavourful as can be. O'Shea's Pub & Eatery in Kinkora is a great spot for a juicy steak sandwich, burger, or beef dip.

15. Desserts bursting with fresh, local fruits.

Courtesy of Management - Windows On The Water / Via

There's always room for something sweet, especially when it's jam-packed with juicy berries, and the Island has plenty of restaurants to help! Windows On The Water in Montague makes an array of seasonal desserts in house — just ask your server!

16. And, when you're too full to eat another bite, you can grab some handcrafted chocolates to share with your friends.

Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Getty Images

No foodie ever returns from vacation empty-handed.

All these delights are just examples of the bounty Prince Edward Island's culinary scene has to offer. Plan a visit this summer for a taste of everything!