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11 Extremely New Zealand Things You Can Only Do In New Zealand

New Zealand needs to chill out. It's too much.

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1. Take a dip in a lake that's in an island that's also in a lake.

Geoff Marks @the_viewfinda

Confusing isn't it. Which is why you need to visit Mou Waho Island, which sits on Lake Wanaka. Join locals just a boat ride away from the Wanaka township in the South Island.

3. Actually, check it out any way you want.

@ellenprojects / Via

Milford Sound, deep within the Fiordland National Park on the South Island, is truly one of New Zealand's greatest natural wonders. You can check it out by kayak, scenic trek, or cruise.

4. Enjoy the rich coffee culture in the country that invented the flat white.

Yes, surprising isn't it, but Kiwis invented the flat white, not Australians.

5. Eat a super-tasty fresh crayfish from this cool little fish-and-chip shop right on the beach.

Tourism New Zealand

Get a taste of New Zealand's finest crayfish and check out Nins Bin in Kaikoura, which will sort you out with one fresh from the ocean to enjoy while sitting on the beach.

7. And try to spot the most elusive of New Zealand creatures: the kiwi bird.

Tourism New Zealand

Head to the bottom of New Zealand and try to go kiwi-spotting on Stewart Island, where they outnumber humans 50 to 1.

9. Or head to Te Anau and do some ~sweet as~ "bombs".

Have you really been to New Zealand if you haven’t jumped (or as the Kiwis love to call it “bombs”) off this jetty in the South Island with this view?

10. While you're at, if you really love heights, try an extreme bungy jump.

AJ Hackett Bungy

Queenstown is also the location of the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, the world's first commercial bungy jump, pioneered by AJ Hackett.

11. Then finally, go off and explore New Zealand's stunning coastlines like this one, Nugget Point.

Will Patino @william_patino

There's going off the beaten track, and THEN there's going off the beaten track in New Zealand, where every coastline is unique and needs to be seen in person to be believed.

These are only a handful of things you should check out in New Zealand. Check this out to discover what would make your perfect South Island journey.