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11 Activities You Can Do In Ireland That Won't Make People Go "Ugh, A Tourist"

Your trip to Ireland doesn't have to look like a tourist's...or anyone else's, for that matter!

1. Nosh fish and chips at the top of a cliff in Howth.

2. Uncover thrillingly dark stories from Dublin's past.

3. Relax with some reading in St. Stephen's Green.

4. Climb 618 steps to inner peace in Kerry.

5. Indulge your inner archaeologist on Valentia Island.

6. Shop to your heart's content in Galway.

7. Take in some authentic Irish hospitality in Skibbereen.

8. Escape the people on a tiny island outside Cork.

9. Descend into Viking territory in Kilkenny.

10. Dig deeper into history in Belfast.

11. Live your very own Irish fairy tale off the western coast.

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