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18 Jobs You Can Actually Do In Australia

You call this "work," Australia? These are some of the best jobs in the world. And the best part? With an Aussie Working Holiday Visa, these jobs could actually be yours.

1. Pick lavender in a field of dreams.

2. Sample incredible chocolate.

3. Enjoy (pouring) beers on a sun-drenched balcony.

4. Teach surfing lessons on a local beach.

(And on your break, play some beach cricket.)

5. Work at a spa retreat in a tropical rainforest.

6. Or captain a boat through tropical waters.

7. Look after baby animals.

8. Volunteer for a turtle conservation program.

(And on your break, swim with turtles.)

9. Work on a cattle farm.

10. Or work* at a music festival.

11. Spend time with local kids.

(And on your break, learn a new skill!)

12. Make Australian wine.

13. Or taste test Australian wine on a tropical island.

(And on your break, make use of the facilities.)

14. Teach a yoga class on a secluded farm.

15. Work in a cafe on the beach.

(And on your break, go sailing.)

16. Lead a pack of camels across a beach at sunset.

17. Or lead a tour through the outback.

18. And when you're tired of all this work? Spend some time with the koalas.

Seriously, though. The koalas need you.