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Why Old Soviet Cartoons Kick Ass

Designed to represent the ideology of the state, the cartoons produced by Союзмультфи́льм (Union Animation Film) are both surreal and awesome at the same time. Ignore the language barrier and simply take in the bizarre talents of animators working within a world isolated from western influence.

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Feature film that follows the efforts of a bohemian musician trying to win the hand of an equally hippy-esque princess. The rock and roll/ Beatles inspired songs steal the show and managed to anger state officials back in the '60s due to their western slant.

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Russia's own version of Winnie the Pooh. The illustration is the direct opposite of Disney's clean, colorful style, but the characters are endearing. Eeyore's existential musings strangely fit right into a child's cartoon whilst I personally prefer the Ruski Pooh's personality to that of his bumbling American counterpart. Subtitles included.

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'Karlson, Who Lives on the Roof'- amazing animation style, great story of a friendship between a lonely boy and a dude with a propeller on his back. Fast forward to about 3.30m in to catch the beginning of a bro-mance that captured the hearts of lonely russian kids everywhere.

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Perhaps the most well known Soviet animation, Cheburashka, features beautiful melodies and the voice talents of Gena, the crocodile. Not as bizarre as the other videos, but nevertheless, enjoy :)

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