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    9 Froyo Creations You Wish You Were Eating

    By the end of this post, you'll be craving frozen yogurt. Sorry not sorry.

    Here's the thing about frozen's pretty much the best. Don't call it frogurt.

    1. Fruit Salad Froyo


    2. S'mores Froyo

    Yes, I'd love s'more!

    3. Froyo and Cereal

    Froyo for breakfast?

    4. Halloween Froyo

    Strawberry sauce, a lychee, and a blueberry never looked so scary.

    5. Black Sesame Froyo / Via

    With mochi and red bean.

    6. All The Toppings Froyo

    Note the strategic use of the waffle cookie for structural support. It's okay to say it just this once: FROYOLO.

    7. Super Fancy Froyo / Via

    Heavenly Blush is based in Indonesia, where froyo is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    8. Rainbow Sprinkle Froyo / Via

    A classic for a reason.

    9. Think Pink Froyo / Via

    Pretty and tasty.

    10. Bonus: Froyo Cake

    Ready for some froyo?

    Just don't be this guy.

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