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The Definitive Ranking Of Halloween Monsters

Ranked scientifically in order of scariness. BuzzFeed used highly scientific methodology to settle this debate once and for all. This Halloween, feed your monstrous hunger by checking specially marked packages for a FREE Totino’s® Party Pizza® with coupon and Fanta® purchase (see offer details).

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8. Swamp Dweller

Embassy Pictures / Everett Collection

The only thing to fear about theses guys is their smell. Take a shower, dude, and maybe consider moving to a more habitable environment. Not scary, just sad.

7. Zombie

Euforia Film / Via

Overrated. Think about it: Nobody spends more than five minutes running from a single zombie. What's so scary in zombie movies is that there are millions of them. And we'll go on the record and say millions of werewolves or millions of vampires would be a whole new level of terrifying.

6. Ghoul


Basically pimped-out zombies. Ghouls are evil Arabian spirits that eat the flesh of the dead and then take the form of the person they've just eaten. So look around you — any of these people could be a ghoul. And statistically, someone probably is.