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13 Signs Your Holiday Plans Might Be Over The Top

Less can sometimes be more, especially during the holidays. #DontGetOversold with Total Wireless.

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1. You've "accidentally" purchased "extra" Christmas trees.


2. You invite every single cousin (and they all show up!).

3. Three different kinds of mashed potato showed up at the potluck.

G. Merrill / Moment / Getty Images

4. You've stocked enough sparkling cider for everyone to have their own bottle.

Liz West / CC BY 2.0 /

5. Your thirst for decorating follows you into the office.

Ruth Hartnup / (CC BY 2.0) Flickr: ruthanddave

6. You give everyone two of the same gift.

7. You. Bake. Too. Many. Cookies.

Erik Rank / The Image Bank / Getty Images

8. You can feel the caroling in your chest more than the last concert you went to.

John W Banagan / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

9. You RSVPed yes to five different holiday parties in one night.

svetikd / Getty Images

10. Your snowball fights are with entire neighborhoods.

David / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr: bootbearwdc

11. It isn't enough to make a gingerbread house; it must be a gingerbread landmark.

Ole Husby / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: khianti

12. Your decorations? They must be the biggest.

Christophe Kiciak / Getty Images

13. And those cheerful lights keep neighbors up at night.

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