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9 Times Politicians Were Totally Uncomfortable

In fairness to the politicians, we were totally uncomfortable too. Watch Kamau Bell talk political fails and more on Totally Biased, premiering September 4 at 11/10c on FXX.

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1. That time Howard Dean yelled and it was really embarrassing.

Joe Raedle/Staff / Getty Images

Howard Dean was just trying to rile up the crowd at a Presidential primary campaign event in West Des Moines, Iowa in 2004 when he let out the shriek heard around the world.

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2. When Sarah Palin was totally stumped by Katie Couric.

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Katie Couric just wanted Sarah Palin to name ONE magazine or newspaper she reads, just one! The result was an extremely uncomfortable Sarah Palin saying lots of words.

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3. When Anthony Weiner publicly admitted to having an affair.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

On June 6, 2011, Anthony Weiner cried in front of reporters and cameras when he finally spilled the beans on his sex scandal. The rest of us held our breaths and watched on awkwardly.

5. That amazing time when Sarah Palin fell for a prank phone call.

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A radio comedy duo named The Masked Avengers called Governor Palin posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Their accents were hyperbolic and their questions ludicrous, but Gov. Palin kept on trucking in the worst way possible.

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No, for real, what's going on??

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Romney is like, "Can I crawl into a hole now? No? Okay."

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