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Evolution Of The Party Through The Decades

Parties have come a long way. But through the ages, they have always had a common theme of "having an awesome time." Take a look at how they have changed through the decades, and to make your modern day bash a hit, make sure you whip out the Tostitos® chips and dips.

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1920's Party

Underwood Archives / Getty Images

Back in the '20s, people had a roaring good time despite prohibition. Parlor tricks, fortune telling and ouija boards were part of any good party in the 1920's.

1930's Party

J A Hampton / Getty Images

How did Americans escape from times of financial hardships? They kicked back and let loose with their friends. With no television and no Internet, parties in the 1930s were the main event. Guests arrived to eat, catch up on the local gossip and forget their troubles.

1950's Party

George Marks / Getty Images

The 1950s was all about being cool. Leather jackets, slick hair, tight jeans, and swing music made it the iconic era we know today. ’50s parties were famous for ushering in some of the most popular music acts of the century, such as Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

1980's Party

Stephen Stickler / Getty Images

The '80s were all about vinyls, bright colors, big hair and New Kids On The Block. So you can imagine that any major bash in the '80s had its fair share of all of the above.

1990's Party

The Sydney Morning Herald / Getty Images

From grunge to boy bands, there's a lot that went down during this decade. The stereotypical teenage house party that we saw in many 90’s films were perhaps the coolest places on the planet. Where else could you find poorly dressed kids swaying to awesome music?

Modern Day Party

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Live tweeting, Instagram -- at the modern day party, you can pretty much experience the entire thing via your phone. But what fun is that? That's why Tostitos® wants to bring the party back to what it's really all about. Good people, good music and great chips and dips!