The 10 Viral Videos You Should Know About

While some of these videos have gone somewhat viral, most have been woefully overlooked and should become giant hits in 2012. Don’t be surprised if you see any of these viral videos show up on the new season of Tosh.0, premiering tonight at 10/9c only on Comedy Central.

1. Extremely drunk girl at office holiday party

After just coming out of the office holiday party season, I’m sure many of us can relate to this one. This girl’s exceptional drunken honesty is why this video should go viral.

2. "Super Mario" theme on accordion

Can anyone ever get enough covers of the “Super Mario” theme song, especially on bizarre instruments? No. And that is why this particular cover deserves more viral recognition.

3. This dastardly cat

With the terrifying look on this cat’s face, it was inevitable that this one would make the rounds, and will certainly be one of the most viral videos of 2012.

4. What is rap?

Ever wondered what “rap” really is? Then don’t watch this video. Just laugh at it.

5. Kangaroo v. emu fight

Despite the video being relatively unknown, and given that the animals in this fight are both something that only someone slightly deranged could come up with, this video is worth every second.

6. This lady's rant about slavery at a convenience store

This video got little recognition in 2011, despite its featuring a woman who launches into a rant about slavery and racism after being told she still owed another $0.15 for her soda.

7. Best of Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is Toni Braxton’s sister, and she is insane. I mean, she frequently ends her sentences with “.com” and “.org.” Something is seriously wrong, and, accordingly, you should watch this trainwreck in action.

8. Eating an onion to Beyonce

Video available at:

For some awesome reason, this dude decided to eat an entire raw onion set to “Put a Ring on It,” naturally. Because it didn’t get the kind of attention—and perhaps psychological evaluation—it’s getting on this list.

9. This "Schticky" commercial

“Vince” is a notorious infomercial host who had thankfully been on sabbatical since the “SlapChop” and “ShamWow.” Unfortunately, he’s back, and with a whole new string of terrible puns and an awful product.

10. Drummer throws up, keeps playing

This kid should be band leader after this performance at his school. His dedication to drumming is what entitles him to having one of the biggest viral videos of the year.

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