10 People Who Deserve A Chance At Web Redemption

Daniel Tosh’s Web Redemptions are not only funny, but they help people. Through them, you can realize your own flaws while still getting the chance at fixing them. Here’s some people who should get Web Redemptions in the new season of Tosh.0, premiering tonight at 10/9c only on Comedy Central.

1. This Grandfather

In pappy’s living will, he reveals who’s getting his house, his savings, his timeshare in Albuquerque, and of course… his collection of dildos. If he’s no longer with us, we’d like to know if his son has any way of redeeming this strange request.

2. John Blanchard

Aren’t professional bowlers supposed to know how to throw a bowling ball?

3. Rick Perry

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Rick Perry holds at least one spot on this list. The real question is if he could even redeem himself in a Web Redemption.

4. This Drunk Girl

This girl got so tanked that she stumbled into a stranger’s car and proceeded to sexually harass them. In her Web Redemption, she should thank these guys for being such gentlemen.

5. "Coupon Queen" June

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While Alana might deserve her own Web Redemption for other reasons in a few years, this time around, her mother, “Coupon Queen” June, has definitely earned it.

6. Kanye West

Kanye West recently went on an epic rant about his new “company,” DONDA. Kanye has a few questions to answer for this one.

7. This Best Man

This video is now a couple years old, but for this couple’s anniversary, they should renew their vows and make the best man perform his job properly this time.

8. This "Inventor"

How could this possibly have been a good idea?

9. Nick Novak

San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak thought it would be fine to just casually take a piss on the sidelines during a game. Little did he know that football games are actually filmed by several cameras.

10. This Six-Year-Old Kid

When this kid learned that the Jets had lost to the Raiders, his tiny little heart just couldn’t take it. He’s going to need a Web Redemption soon, or else he’s going to turn into one of “those guys” whose lives revolve around some sport.

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