The Guy Behind The Best Disney Parody Video EVER MADE.

His “After Ever After” video is going viral, but the AWESOME Disney parody is only one of many reasons to be obsessed with this guy. SERIOUSLY. OBSESSED.

1. 1. His Disney parody is flat-out BRILLIANT.

Just, you know, hittin’ up some topics like BP, our government, and bestiality. No big.

2. 2. George Takei loves him. GEORGE TAKEI, people!

Noting like having Facebook’s #1 influencer give you mad props.

3. 3. He’s a Harry Potter fan (who isn’t?!) and recaps all 7 books in just 99 seconds

“Yo Harry, you a wizard!”

4. 4. Lord of the Rings, too.

My Precious, indeed.

5. 5. He goes to The University of Texas.

HOOK ‘EM!!!!

6. 6. He was on The Glee Project, and here are his audition videos:

8. 7. He’s FUNNY.

9. …in that great Steve-Kardynal-video-confession kind of way.


10. 8. He has relationship woes like the rest of us.

“I hope you die, you stupid b*itch!” <— Who hasn’t been there?

11. 9. He can white-boy rap.

12. 10. And beatbox.

Remember his name.

13. 11. His video editing skills are off the chain.


Movie Villain Medley written to Lady Gaga tunes. GAGA, people! And that voice.

15. 13. But most importantly, he loves us.

It’s so mutual, Jon.

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