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5 Women, 2 Seasons, 1 City, And A Ton Of Theories For The Upcoming Season Of "Big Little Lies"

After a successful first run, the “limited” series is extending its length to a second season.

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Since its premiere in February 2017, the HBO limited series Big Little Lies has skyrocketed into the consumer consciousness. With eight Emmy’s and four Golden Globe’s tucked under its belt, the series continues to rise in popularity critically as well. The series, which is based on a novel by Liane Moriarity, follows the lives of five Monterey moms as they navigate through issues of work, romance, family and friendship. The moms may be drastically different from one another, but they do have one thing in common: they care deeply for their children. One thing is also clear: fans care deeply for the show. After a successful first run, the “limited” series is extending its length to a second season. David E. Kelley will return to write the second season, while auteur French-Canadian director, Jean-Marc Vallée will hand over the directing baton to Andrea Arnold. Beyond the swap in directors, a lot more is bound to be shaken up in the second season (and I’m not just talking about martinis). Perry may be dead, but the issues in Monterey are certainly not buried. Each woman will have a lot on her china plate in Season Two.

1. Renata:

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Things with Renata aren’t looking too shabby, but a lot of pressure seems to be surmounting below the surface of her seemingly perfect life. Her marriage seems to be one of the healthiest out of everyone’s, but it also seems like Gordon may be insecure about how dominant his wife is (she’s a CEO for Christ’s sake). She obviously excels in the professional world, but it seems like the pressure to be a perfect mother may cause her to slip up eventually. She has struggled to make friends with the other mothers thus far, but the murder may have ended their strife (or maybe not). She may also have to worry about her daughter Amabella having PTSD after being bullied.

2. Madeline:

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Madeline’s issues may seem trivial in comparison with the other ladies’, but they sure are piling up. In the last few episodes of Season One, Madeline finally came clean about cheating. She told her eldest daughter Abigail, and her dear friend Jane about her infidelity with her coworker Joseph. She even tried to tell her husband Ed, but he stopped her before she revealed anything. However, it seems Ed is starting to piece things together on his own, as is Joseph’s wife, Tori. It is unclear what will happen between Madeline and Ed in Season Two, but things will definitely not remain stagnant. Madeline may pursue someone new, someone old (Joseph or her ex-husband Nathan) or try to work things out with Ed. If her disloyalty is revealed, will Madeline be the one to tell Ed or will one of her confidantes (namely her daughter). Abigail and Madeline seemed to be working through their issues by the end of the season, but things are sure to flare up again (she is a teenager after all). Madeline fills her free time volunteering, but after the drama with Joseph she may need to find a new profession/hobby. Ed and Nathan have never seen eye to eye, so Season Two will either ripen the feud or squash it. Ed has also been seen admiring other women (in particular Bonnie) so is he hiding something too? Lastly, but surely not least, many characters have hinted at Madeline’s drinking getting out of hand. After her drunken display at the Fundraiser, it is clear the girl is a bottomless pit when it comes to booze. If things start to spiral out of hand in Season Two, Madeline may turn to the bottle even more.

3. Jane:

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Jane, the mysterious newcomer, definitely has more problems in her plot’s future. Her backstory is ripe with mystery and potential for drama. We know little about her family, her childhood and her past relationships. We do know that in Season One she was struggling with PTSD. She kept a gun under her pillow and hallucinated horrible visions of her attacker following her around. Now that Perry is dead, she could feel at peace, or the fear of her past being discovered by the police and her peers may increase her anxiety even more. Jane will have to make a decision whether to tell Ziggy about his father and his new brothers (Max and Josh), or continue hiding it. On the bright side, Ziggy is doing better at school and making lots of friends. However, since he is Perry’s biological son he could exhibit abusive patterns in the future. As far as her love life is concerned, she started seeing Tom in the finale. He seems like a nice guy, but you never know with people in this town. Jane has been seen stress running throughout the series. Could she have an eating disorder, or is the exercise purely a stress-reliever? Will Jane stick around or run away to a new town again? Jane’s future is as mysterious as her past.

4. Celeste:

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Celeste may have the most to worry about in Season Two. Like Jane, Celeste has to figure out whether to tell her twins about their new brother (Ziggy) or not. She also has to figure out how much her son’s know about their father’s abusive patterns and how much she should tell them. She will have to handle Max’s abusive streak at school and make sure Josh doesn’t go down the same path. Now that Perry is dead, Celeste will have to start working again to provide for her kids. Luckily she is a talented lawyer who has been wanting to get back into the courtroom for some time now. I don’t see this being a huge issue or plot point. Celeste will certainly have to deal with PTSD when it comes to intimacy and dating. However, many characters have noted that both men and women desire Celeste, so maybe she will avoid men in the future. When it comes to the murder investigation, Celeste will definitely be a prime suspect since Perry was her husband. Celeste has left many trails of evidence like the rented apartment, and her sessions with her therapist. These things could come back to bite her. With Perry’s investigation looming large, more interesting details about Perry’s background could surface too. According to Entertainment Tonight, Perry’s mother will come to town during Season Two. In addition, W Magazine has noted that Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Perry, will return to shoot the second season. This leads me to believe that flashbacks will play a huge role.

5. Bonnie:

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Although Celeste has the most to worry about, Bonnie should definitely be the most nervous out of all the ladies. Although all the women are complicit in the cover-up of Perry’s murder, Bonnie is the one who pushed him at the end of the day. Things may have seemed peachy keen in the finale, but once the police start digging deep into the Monterey dirt (err sand), loyalties are sure to be tested. Madeline and Bonnie have a precarious relationship that may unravel once again. Will the other girls turn on Bonnie, or continue to cover things up?

Big Little Lies is shaping up to be the adult version of Pretty Little Liars. Like the Rosewood teens, the Monterey mothers tend to dig themselves deeper and deeper into their problems instead of facing them. They have enough trouble lying to their husbands, let alone lying to the police about a murder. The murder may have brought them together, but it certainly doesn’t solve all the issues they were having before with their husbands, kids, work, friends and foes beforehand. New characters have been promised, and I have a feeling some of the minor characters will play a larger role based on their imdb credits alone (i.e. Kelen Coleman, Hong Chau, Sarah Burns, Sarah Baker, Kathreen Khavari etc.). According to Variety, the second season will dive into, “the malignancy of lies, the durability of friendships, the fragility of marriage and, of course, the vicious ferocity of sound parenting.” The show will be filmed in 2018 and released in 2019.

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