I'm In Awe Of The Random Ways In Which These 13 Celebs Were Plucked From Obscurity And Propelled Into Fame

    Manifesting that I'll be scouted on my next supermarket trip.

    Who hasn't dreamt of being noticed by a talent agent or some big entertainment industry exec, and suddenly being thrust into a world of fame and fortune? Well, for a handful of stars (clearly god's favourites) that's exactly what happened!

    Make no mistake, becoming a star is hard work, and it involves a lot of personal investment. However, for some household names, the beginning of their careers was much easier – and sometimes stranger – than others.

    1. Charlize Theron was discovered while in the middle of an argument at a bank.

    charlize theron on the red carpet

    Charlize told Oprah, "I really needed the money. I began pleading with this teller to help me, and a gentleman came over and tried to help... What I didn’t know is that I was auditioning for a guy who would end up being my manager. On the way out, the man who'd helped gave me his card."

    charlize theron smiling while sitting on a couch

    2. Danny Trejo turned his life around by counselling young people recovering from addiction, and one of his clients put him on the path of stardom.

    danny trejo smiling in front of a machete kills poster on the red carpet

    In an interview with PBS, Danny told the story of his first role saying, "This guy says, 'do you want to be an extra?' and I say, 'an extra what?' He says, 'can you act like a convict?' I said, 'I'm a professional.'"

    a close up of danny trejo on a motorcycle smiling

    3. As the legend goes, Harrison Ford was discovered while doing carpentry but NOT for George Lucas.

    young harrison ford doing carpentry

    When asked about Fred Roos, Harrison Ford said, "Fred is a very loyal man. Once he believes in you, he is unrelenting. He kept putting me up for parts and I kept getting rejected. Finally, things worked out."

    harrison ford smiling in front of a star wars the rise of skywalker poster on the red carpet

    4. Alden Ehrenreich caught the eye of Steven Spielberg, of all people, at a Bat Mitzvah he wasn't even attending!

    alden ehrenreich smiling in front of a the godfather poster on the red carpet

    Alden recalled the event in an interview, saying, "It showed at the [Bat] Mitzvah and Steven Spielberg was there and he saw me. I wasn't there... but then we got a phone call from Dreamworks and they asked me to come in... and that's how I was able to start working."

    alden ehrenreich smiling up at chewbaca while chewbaca has a paw on his shoulder

    5. Vin Diesel broke into acting by ~literally~ breaking into a theatre.

    vin diesel sitting on a couch with his hands clasped

    6. Anya Taylor-Joy was walking her dog when she was scouted by the founder of a top modelling agency... Imagine.

    anya taylor-joy posing in front of a poster on the red carpet

    In an interview with James Corden, Anya said, "my actions were very stupid and I don't suggest that anybody does what I did... A car was following me and I started running, and this guy says, 'If you stop you won't regret it'... and I stopped."

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    7. Speaking of Sarah, a squabble Kate Moss and her father had at an airport secured her a modelling contract at just 14 years old.

    kate moss posing

    Kate Moss shared this in an interview about the opportunity, "I was smoking, I was 14 and I'd just lost my virginity. So I thought I was the bee's knees. I was in the airport puffing away. I'd got on the plane and then Sarah's brother came up to me and said, 'Have you ever thought about being a model?'"

    kate moss in the 90s adjusting her trousers while sitting in front of a vanity

    8. Jason Statham was selling more-than-likely counterfeit jewellery on London street corners when he got discovered.

    jason statham smiling on the red carpet

    Despite participating in a variety of athletic activities in his younger years, Jason "had no intentions of becoming an actor", let alone an action movie star, especially considering his past selling knock-offs.

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    BackstageOL / Via youtu.be

    9. All Rosario Dawson had to do to get noticed by Hollywood was to stay home.

    rosario dawson smiling in front of a marvel daredevil poster on the red carpet

    Harmony Korine apparently told Rosario upon seeing her for the first time, "Oh my God, I wrote this character for you without even realising. I didn't even know you. You're perfect for this character, you have to come in."

    rosario dawson smiling in front of w. posters

    10. Pamela Anderson got her first modelling job by attending a football game.

    pamela anderson smiling

    In Netflix's Pamela, a love story, she goes into more detail about her lucky start and subsequent life being "reluctantly famous".

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    Netflix / Via youtube.com

    11. A deliveryman ~delivered~ Mandy Moore to a recording contract. No, really.

    mandy moore smiling in front of a grass wall on the red carpet

    12. Ashton Kutcher never considered fame before he was scouted at a bar near his home in Middle America.

    ashton kutcher smirking during an interview

    Despite his university ambitions, Ashton Kutcher later told Howard Stern in an interview that he had "wanted to be an actor" since the beginning.

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    Howard Stern / SiriusXM / Via youtu.be

    Ashton had had a love of performing since high school, but didn't see a path to pursue a creative career until Mary convinced him that modelling could open the doors to acting. Winning the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" contest gave him the push to leave university and pursue modelling and acting.

    13. Lastly, Charlie Hunnam was scouted while drunkenly Christmas shopping.

    charlie hunnam smiling on the red carpet

    Charlie explained on The Graham Norton Show how he flirted his way into his first TV role, saying, "She said, 'I think you're quite lovely' and I said, 'Oh, I do too!'"

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