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Tell Us The Benign Unpopular Opinions You Just Wanna Get Off Your Chest

Okay, here goes... I could live without eating chips ever again.

We've all had a silly little stance on something that not everyone (or anyone) agrees with.

Usually, you have to keep those less-than-favourable hot takes to yourself so that you don't end up getting side-eyed... Well, not today! I want to know all about your hilariously trivial unpopular opinions.

Maybe you think sushi is overrated and everybody is just lying about liking it.

Or – *gasp* – you actually LIKE watching Riverdale and think it's an amazing show!

Whether you don't think it's weird to lounge around the house in jeans...

Or you HATE pizza...

We wanna know! So, tell us every hilarious hot take you have (keep it respectful) in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!