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    "Adulting" Is Kind Of A Mess For Everyone, And Here Are Some Hilarious Tweets To Prove It

    I'm doing this thing called "daily" where I just try to get through the damn day!

    Listen, the passage of time is weird, okay? There are days where you feel like you have a handle on this whole "being an adult" thing, and other days where you don't remember your parents preparing you for never having any effing money!!

    Thankfully, Twitter is always there to make you feel less alone on a niche experience — so here are 31 super-relatable tweets about the highs and lows of "adulting":


    You know you need help when you read adulting as auditing.

    Twitter: @nyctophilic___


    it can be sooo healing to stay up til 3am. unfortunately it will also completely ruin your life

    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    I’m tired of paying rent, tomorrow I’m moving to the church. It’s my father’s house 🌚

    Twitter: @folajoseph


    Yeah adulting is hard, but at least now I don't have to ask for someone's permission to pee

    Twitter: @Afsah_Hassaan


    Y'all ever be at work for 5 hours then check the clock and it’s been 42 minutes😭

    Twitter: @koi_takleef_


    Being an adult means slightly moving any part of your body and accepting whatever weird cracks or noises it makes as "normal."

    Twitter: @_Aware_Wolf


    guys I think I really missed out by being so well behaved as a kid and teenager. I should've caused all the harmless but delightful chaos I could when I had the chance. dammit.

    Twitter: @inkandstars1


    A friend perfectly defined adulting as paying bills as you wait to die!

    Twitter: @Colins_001


    Sometimes tummy hurts… sometimes head hurts. When neither hurts? That is what life is about

    Twitter: @MichaelaOkla


    have kids, so you can spend every free moment you have either figuring out what to feed them or asking them to eat it

    Twitter: @mom_tho


    being an adult means i get to spend as much money on video games as i want !!! & no one can stop me !!!

    Twitter: @emmalangevin


    too many people saying they don’t pick anything off their burger cause they’re an adult. as if being an adult means you have to eat things you don’t enjoy. the tomato can go 😤

    Twitter: @shelbygraced


    I did the thing where I worked for a year straight and am now gonna go blow it all in one month across Europe. I’ll never own a home baby!

    Twitter: @brookswheelan


    Pro-tip - if you hate dusting just make your home aesthetic “haunted mansion” so dust adds to the ambiance. Follow me for more life hacks.

    Twitter: @mishelleleigh


    Excitement over getting new things we use for chores we hate is the weirdest part of being an adult

    Twitter: @donutscoffeeme


    Being an adult means having to take a fiber supplement and pay bills sure yeah but did you know that it ALSO means you can do your chores in a T-Rex costume and you won't get arrested for it?!🦖

    Twitter: @RissaVoices


    when i was a child i didn't drink coffee and i was never tired. now i'm an adult who drinks coffee constantly and am always tired. the culprit for my fatigue is obvious: the iraq war

    Twitter: @amore_orless


    i miss being a kid and watching inflation from the sidelines

    Twitter: @Zenkai66


    Had an ice lolly. Wanted another one … so I had another one. I still find it really WEIRD that I am allowed to just do that. Like there’s part of me that forgets I grew up. Being an adult is hard and shit and boring at times but then there are days when you have two lollies🕺

    Twitter: @TheUnmumsyMum


    my parents house is not rent free, i’m paying with my mental health

    Twitter: @momentsofence


    "We want grandkids." Best I can do is write a screenplay about the childhood trauma you caused me

    Twitter: @andycompton_


    Don’t know enough about music to know what makes jazz good. But know enough of myself to know that jazz makes my mind good. Best adulting discovery since learning the art of delegation 😌

    Twitter: @BeerBicepsGuy


    Adulting is realizing you only have 2 homies for life and the rest of the world is just for you to play along because we are social beings

    Twitter: @IndraAdhikary7


    Being an adult is really just paying rent, loading the dishwasher, figuring out what to eat for dinner every single night, and putting clothes away

    Twitter: @sugareebabie


    my room is usually an indicator if I’m spiralling downwards

    Twitter: @skinandbase


    I miss being a kid and thinking I was rich with $10

    Twitter: @CaleCrypto


    i learn more life hacks on twitter than i do in my master’s program, for example: today, i learned you’re not supposed to pour leftover cooking oil into ur drain pipe

    Twitter: @nftmisha


    one thing I have realized is how many very boring adult chores are coincidentally designed in a way that stops you from hearing your kids for an hour (pressure washing patio)

    Twitter: @kvanaren


    if ur ever feeling ugly just take the subway. immediately harassed back into confidence! follow for more life hacks

    Twitter: @madddiexo


    Making plans with no money and trusting the universe >>>

    Twitter: @kwameaddoobiri_


    it's funny being on twitter and being like YAH IM AN ADULT! and then folks post about their partners and children and houses and im like alright okay so im like a level 1 adult and everyone else is chilling at a 10

    Twitter: @aidenschmaiden

    What level adult do you think you are? Let us know in the comments!