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    People Are Sharing The Unpopular Opinions They Just Couldn't Keep In Any Longer And I'm Absolutely Baffled By The One About Brunch

    This is a safe space... however some of you people do not make me feel safe.

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their trivial unpopular opinions. Everyone sure had a lot to get off of their chests, so here are 41 of the most interesting and sort of hilarious opinions:

    1. "The 'is a hot dog a sandwich?' debate and other ones like it need to go away. Who cares? It's an automatic BYE if anyone tries to engage me in that."


    2. "Sleeping in separate beds is way more comfortable than sharing a bed with your partner(s). Cuddling is great but I prefer having my own space at bedtime."


    3. "I hate brunch. It's mostly enjoyed as an excuse to drink alcohol in the morning, sleep in, and combine two meals into one. I'm not inherently against any of those indulgences, but I hate that my whole day is wasted by one activity."


    4. "No one but you cares about your kids. I don’t care about pictures, stories, or updates. Any reaction you will get from me is 100% fake."


    5. "People begin celebrating Christmas way too early, and starting too soon makes the festivities less special for the rest of us. I'd like to enjoy the end of Autumn before being overtaken by Santa!"


    6. "Everyone who thinks they’re anything but a Hufflepuff is ~wrong~. If you’re nerdy enough to assign yourself to a fictional house in a 'wizard world' then I am sorry to tell you, you’re the weird one. You're a Hufflepuff."


    7. "Alcohol has no place on an aeroplane. In fact, I'd ban it from airports too. Having a 5 am glass of wine cos 'I'm on holiday' is lame AF. Drinking alcohol on a plane is just going to dehydrate you, and annoy me. I'd rather sit next to a screaming baby than loud and/or wasted adults."


    8. "Sprinkles on cakes are the worst. They look pretty but their horrible crunchy texture ruins anything they are added to!"


    9. "I hate the idea of going to Disney World. I’ve never been, my kids were never into it, and the whole culture of it is SO not for me!"


    10. "People who don’t get their frozen foods last at the grocery store are all monsters. Say I’m wrong, I dare you."


    11. "I think that cartoons made for kids are for kids, and adults need to grow up and let go of the Disney stuff. Most cartoons are for kids. Period."


    12. "You do not need to salt your french fries!! Especially if you’re dipping them in ketchup. Fries are always already LOADED with salt, so adding extra salt is unnecessary and makes it TOO salty. Ketchup is so salty and flavorful, so you really shouldn’t have to add any extra salt."


    13. "Barn doors as a design element in homes are trash. They don’t block sound, light, or smells and can’t be locked, making them objectively bad doors. If you want a sliding door, get a pocket door."


    14. "I can't stand cooking blogs that include like 96 paragraphs of non-relevant information before you finally get to the recipe. I'm sure your 'save my marriage' pot roast is excellent, Susan, which is why I just want to see the recipe for it. Just give me the ingredients and the steps and we're golden."


    15. "'Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee' people are insufferable."


    16. "It seems like anyone can suddenly call themselves an influencer/ YouTuber/ house whisperer or whatever and it's just accepted. Who hired you? It just seems anyone can call themselves whatever the hell they want and claim it's work."


    17. "Unpopular opinion: Walking around barefoot in public is seriously NOT a big deal. Regardless of socioeconomic class, being barefoot is perfectly acceptable in my eyes."


    18. "I really dislike bicyclists. They demand to 'share the road' but ignore traffic signs and lights. They take up the road and fully expect you to respect their space while giving you none. You bicyclists need to respect the traffic rules and give drivers space."


    19. "I'm a gum hater. Watching and especially hearing other people chew gum makes my skin crawl. There is nothing viler than seeing disgusting gum in other people's mouths when they talk and chew at the same time. I don't know how it became socially acceptable."


    20. "I refuse to wear underwear and I won't buy underwear because I don't like underwear."


    21. "Butter is mostly disgusting. In baking it’s fine but in most cases it’s vile. It’s greasy and can smell really odd. I hate it in sandwiches or steak."


    22. "Corgis are logs with legs and the opposite of everything a dog should be. I fake being excited about my friend's corgi more than I fake orgasms."


    23. "Jeans are the most comfortable pants ever. I've slept in skinny jeans multiple times in my life during cold nights and in general, I always wear jeans."


    24. "In my opinion, Little Shop of Horrors is the #1 superior musical and The Phantom of the Opera is a grossly overrated musical about a groomer."


    25. "There should be separate seating sections in public for parents with kids and childfree folks."


    26. "I think Summer sucks. It's hot, and humid, everyone smells cause they are sweating, and you can't do anything outside cause you will burn to a crisp. You can't even get a night of proper sleep because it's still boiling even at night and since the A/C costs an effing fortune to run, you are always broke."


    27. "I hate the smell of peanut butter. I loathe it, entirely. It actually makes me ill. However, I do still eat peanut butter things…I just have to wash my hands a hundred times to get the smell off."


    28. "I hate EDM. I just don’t get it. There aren’t any words and the only dancing you can do is fist pumping — it makes no sense."


    29. "I hate that avocado is in so many foods, especially sushi rolls. I don't mind avocado as a whole but please stop cramming it into so many food items!"


    30. "I’m all for exploring yourself sexually, but I think heterosexual hookup culture is toxic, ruining dating, and benefits men more than women. No one wants to commit anymore because it’s so easy to find other options to satisfy sexual needs."


    31. "Bean bag chairs are overrated. They can't even hold their shape, they're heavy, difficult to move and hence difficult to clean. They're expensive, and they can tear and cause a huge mess. They're not even comfortable."


    32. "I think that the letter 'C' is a completely extraneous letter in the English language. There’s nothing that it does that can’t be replicated by either a 'K' or an 'S'."


    33. "Bacon is gross to me. The taste, texture and smell are vile."




    35. "Cupcakes are overrated, and it’s tacky to have them instead of wedding cake."


    36. "I hate weddings so much, I find every bit of it cringe. The pomp and circumstance, the music, the food, the cycle of events. I feel so bad but I just do not enjoy them. I can’t stomach the idea of my partner and I having one — I'm hoping we can elope or do something that's more like us at home."


    37. "I’m only twenty and am generally as liberal as can be, but I do believe that 'cancel culture' is just an excuse to troll that my generation came up with because social media has made them so out of tune."


    38. "I hate superhero movies. All they do is wear costumes and talk so seriously about saving the world. That’s it. It's just a green screen and computer special effects. Where is the actual acting?!"


    39. "Ice cream is too cold."


    40. "Winter is the best season. You can bundle up, snuggle with your partner, make snowmen, drink hot chocolate, eat soup, and bake cookies. Plus, everything looks so pretty!"


    41. "I think that Valentine’s Day is THE best holiday of the year. You are literally celebrating ~love~. Sure it's commercialised just to make money but who doesn’t want an excuse to buy the people you love chocolates and teddy bears?! Its theme colours are a whole aesthetic and the whole day never loses its magic like the other holidays. Let’s get more hyped for V-day!


    Is there an unpopular opinion you just need to get out of your system? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be featured in similar posts!